MigreLief Ingredients - Triple Therapy Approach to Migraine Control

Children's Migrelief contains the same ingredients as Original MigreLief but with pill sizes and dosages adjusted to meet the needs of children 2-11.

Some migraine sufferers with poor cerebrovascular tone have been found to have low brain levels of magnesium.  Magnesium is a nutritional supplement with numerous effects that support cerebrovascular tone. These include: 1) inhibition of platelet aggregation; 2) interference with synthesis, release, and action of inflammatory mediators; 3) direct alterations of cerebrovascular tone; 4) inhibition of vasospasm; and 5) stabilization of cell membranes.

Riboflavin is involved in energy production in every cell, and studies suggest it can have a dramatic benefit. A deficiency of cellular energy has been observed in some persons with migraines, and Riboflavin can help correct that deficiency. Multiple studies have demonstrated that high dose riboflavin can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines in both adults and children. 

Puracol Feverfew
Proprietary Feverfew is just one of the reasons for the superior efficacy of MigreLief.  Commonly recommended for its ability to support cerebrovascular tone, Feverfew has been known to inhibit platelet aggregation and the release of serotonin from platelets and polymorphonuclear leukocyte granules. It has also been shown to inhibit pro-inflammatory prostaglandin synthesis and the release of arachadonic acid. Each of these phenomena is associated with migraines. 

EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS!  We are so confident you and your child will be thrilled with MigreLief's results, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.   Don't wait to give your child a better start in life without the debilitating handicap of migraines.  Start your child on MigreLief today.    

 What Healthcare Professionals are Saying About MigreLief:

"I'm a nurse practitioner and I recommend MigreLief every day."
~NP (National Children's Medical Center, Washington DC) Facebook comment   

“Migrelief has been highly effective for the prevention and reduction of severity in my practice of patients with difficult migraine headaches.” – Dennis D., M.D. –Advanced Neurology Specialists, Great Falls, MT

"I have been recommending your product to my migraine patients and thank you... IT WORKS!"
~Afram, MD  (Family Practice - Long Beach Kaiser)

Top headache clinics that have recommended Migrelief
Cleveland Clinic | Children's National Medical Center | New York Headache Center | Diamond Headache Clinic | Cedars Headache Center | Swedish Headache Center | N. California Headache Clincic | Headache Care Center | Long Beach Kaiser | Boston Medical Center

What patients have been saying about Migrelief

"My daughter has been using Migrelief for 2 years. She used to have migraines at least 6x per month. Since using Migrelief continually for the last 2 years, only 2 migraines total!! Best thing that ever happened for our family is finding Migrelief!" 

“I give MigreLief to my daughter who had abdominal migraines. It first helped with the dizziness and now she rarely gets them. Thank you MigreLIef.”  ~ F.L.

“I had migraines as a child and all of my life until I found MigreLief. Now my son age 10 gets them. After 2 months of taking MigreLief, he is finally back in school. MigreLief gave us both back our life!”  ~ C.M.

 "My son has suffered from migraines since the age of 7. His migraines have always been complicated causing him to vomit, be sensitive to light and noise, and stay in a dark room until the pain was manageable. His neurologist recommended MigreLief. We are ecstatic. He is able to stay over with friends, play baseball, basketball, and skateboard again."  ~ H.S.

Imagine Your Child's Life Without Migraines

When a lifetime of pain medication and temporary relief is NOT an option...

Parents choose Children's MigreLief -  a safe, gentle, and highly effective, doctor recommended nutritional supplement for kids over the age of 2 who suffer chronic migraines

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Why you should control your child's migraines NOW rather than later: 

Children's migraines should not be dismissed.  Migraines interfere with all aspects of a child's life, cause permanent changes in the brain, and can lead to increased risk of depression and stroke. 

Researchers are discovering "migraines beget migraines" - the more migraines one has, the greater the tendency for future migraines.
 Evidence shows an increased sensitivity after each successive attack, eventually leading to chronic daily migraines in some individuals. In order to avoid a lifetime of migraines, it is imperative to lower the frequency and intensity of migraines as soon as possible.

Comprehensive Support for Neurological Health 
Formulated to address the problem, not just treat the pain, 
Migrelief is guaranteed to make a difference, whether your child's migraines are classic, common, abdominal or complicated (basilar, hemiplegic, etc.)  

Why Children's MigreLief should by your first choice:

  • Longterm relief as opposed to temporary relief
  • Safe and effective for children over the age of 2
  • Two international patents have been granted the unique MigreLief formulation
  • Recommended by pediatric neurologists
  • NO harmful side-effect
  • MigreLief’s Triple Therapy™ Ingredients: a vitamin, a mineral, and an herb (Magnesium, Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) and a proprietary form of the herb Feverfew) have been proven effective
  • All 3 ingredients are listed in The American Academy of Neurology’s Guidelines for Migraine Prevention.
  • Taken daily as a dietary supplement
  • Formulated to address the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that can cause migraines and that many children sufferers have in common.
  • Maintains the already normal cerebrovascular (blood vessels in the brain) tone and function your child has on migraine free days
  • Used by thousands of children worldwide and hundreds of thousands of adults.
  • Guaranteed to make a difference!

Available in 3 Formulas to Meet Everyone's Needs:
MigreLief Original - Children's MigreLief (age 2-11) - MigreLief+M (menstrual migraine formula)

"Just 2-a-day keep the migraines away!"

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The Scientist Behind MigreLief

Curt Hendrix M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S is the Chief Science Officer of Akeso Health Sciences and Concourse Health Sciences. He has been named as the Principal Investigator in multiple National Institutes of Health (NIH) governmental grants studying the benefits of natural medicines on disease. Over the last 16 years MigreLief has helped hundreds of thousands find solutions to the pain and suffering of debilitating migraine headaches. Two international patents have been granted covering the unique MigreLief formulation.